I’ve always had a passion for graphic design and media creation. Building websitesprint ads, posters, making music and videos and anything I can do to keep myself productive and building my skills in spare time.

Whether it be building a website, designing logos or posters, promoting your business online, or creating a virtual tour, if you need someone who can work with you and not get you lost in all the technical details, I’ll do my best to ensure the results you imagined are the ones you get.

Choosing the right restaurant, cafe or hotel is often tough. Build trust with a high-quality virtual tour that lets people experience your location before they arrive. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective guests and patrons. A trusted professional can create and publish your virtual tour.

Many of the projects I’ve worked on start as a question: “Hey, could you…”  and in nearly every case, I have been able to.

Case Studies

Case Study: Homebuilder

As a start-up homebuilder in the Edmonton area they need to establish their brand. I designed their website and helped them to establish an online presence. They also wanted to sell their latest show home without using a realtor, so in addition to standard photographs, I created an iPad compatible eBook that contained all the information a potential buyer may want about the home, the builder, and the community. A 360º virtual tour was shot and included in both the show home eBook and their website so out-of-town buyers could view the home without having to travel or people who had visited once could ‘return’ to get another look at rooms or the home’s layout

The home has been sold for some time now, but you can still view that eBook here.

Case Study: Coffeehouse

A Coffeehouse in Spruce Grove quickly realized that menu additions and changes can become quite pricey with printed menu boards. I designed and implemented a three screen digital menu for them. This enabled them to quickly and easily change or add items and also enabled them to show short video ads to customers in line. They also  wanted to give local musicians a place to play, so I helped them by hosting a monthly open mic session. Print ads were created, electronic advertising to find musicians and an audience was done online (Facebook ads and various classifieds), and the whole event was streamed live online. Individual videos featuring artists performing are then uploaded to YouTube and used to generate buzz for the next event. High quality audio was separately recorded to make a “Live” album in the future.