Your show home or business can be always open with 360° virtual tour. You have invested a lot into the interior design of your business, now let the world see it! Invite your customers inside and let them experience your business.

According to market research, approximately 81% of consumers shop online before making a purchase. In addition to this, 90% of home buyers search online sometime during the process of purchasing a home, with more than half of them using the internet to start their search.

With devices like the Oculus RiftHTC ViveSamsung Gear VR, and less expensive options like Google Cardboard, it’s clear that Virtual Reality is the future and will continue to be more immersive.

When booking hotels and making restaurant reservations, 18-34 year olds were more than twice as likely to book at a place that had photos and a virtual tour in their Google business listing.
When booking hotels and making restaurant reservations, 18-34 year olds
were more than twice as likely to book at a place that had photos and a virtual tour in their Google business listing.
When searching for restaurants and hotels online, 62% of people use Google. Does your business stand out from the competition?
When searching for restaurants and hotels online, 62% of people use Google. Does your business stand out from the competition?



Your Google business listing is your company’s most visible asset. Improve your presence with a Google Maps Business View Virtual Tour or an enhanced virtual tour!

  • By having your business photographed for a virtual tour it can enhance your placement on Google Maps and Google Search and help you stand out from your competition!
  • Actively engage your customer by bringing them into your business to visit before they come in person. Customers can check out your product selection, atmosphere and ambience before they arrive and get a sense of how large your establishment is. In the case of a restaurant or bar, customers can see how the seating is arranged – Do you have booths or just tables and chairs?
  • Provides the customer a better insight into what you have to offer – meeting areas, swimming pool or other amenities, a stage for live bands and dancing, outdoor patio, large bar area, perhaps show want to show a wine room or showcase products.
  • The virtual tour will be available on Google Maps and Google Search, and can be embedded on your own website or Facebook Page
  • Enhanced tours can include links to showcase individual products or items and link to your online store or website with more information.


Studies have shown that virtual tours can reduce ‘wasted’ viewings by as much as 40%. With so many new home builders and sellers to choose from, it is now more important than ever to set yourself apart from other sellers. Some virtual tour photographers shoot panoramas with a 90° field of view around the room. Others have huge company logos or buttons that hide large portions of the floor and ceiling. I’m proud to say that our panoramas are full 360° x 180° spheres, and only contain a small logo on select images. Tours and can easily be customized to match the look and feel of your existing website and are easily integrated into your website or social media websites for even more exposure. With enhanced tours, potential home buyers can follow links within the tour to gain access to more information, to a product, service or contact that you wish. For example, a link to preferred partner’s website, examples of alternative finishes or even a way to contact your area sales team to schedule an appointment or request more information.

Statistics from realtor.com show that listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours. Our goal is to present buyers with a more polished product to bring them in to your sales centre or show home. We aim to take advantage of the modern tech savvy buyer who prefers to compare products from the comfort of their home before taking the step to visit a show home and speak to a sales representative. Ultimately this will result in a more qualified buyer for you.

“All this sounds great, but it probably costs a fortune. Is it really worth it?”

Tours start at $150. Unless you choose to get your photos updated, they’ll be included in your business listing forever. You could spend three times that much on one weekly newspaper ad.

“I’m running a busy business, does this take a long time?”

No! Photoshoots are typically about an hour depending on the size and complexity. We can arrange a time when your business is slow or closed to avoid disruption.

“360° Photography? Virtual Tours? Sounds complicated. How long until I see the tour?”

Processing times vary based on size and complexity, but the finished tour can be available as soon as 24 hours after the photoshoot.


  • All panoramic photography required to create your Virtual Tour plus the rights to distribute your tour on your website and social media
  • Create or Verify your Google+ business listing and integration of Virtual Tour into your business listing
  • Integration of your Virtual Tour into Google Maps and Google Street View.
  • Instructions to embed the Virtual Tour on your website (if requested)
  • Instructions to add your Virtual Tour to your Facebook Page (if requested)